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14.Join Me as we step into the soul of the Mona Lisa House, the heart of my Art. I've spent the better part of my 34 years working in this space. I love this part of the house. My homage to Van Gogh for

all the Starry Starry Nights I've enjoyed here. 

Fun Fact: Taurus watches over the see him on the job, step out the front door turn to your right and look up...

Measures 11x4

The hallway Leads into my Studio, Storage Room and the Van Gogh Bathroom

15. My Artists Studio...

Measures 10x14

Some of the best / rewarding times in my life were spent writing and recording in this room, hallway and even the VG bathroom! The View from the large window is wonderful. It's got a wall of mirrors...The main color of the room in Regatta Red. It all makes sense....that is if you're getting my flow.

16. Storage / Guest Bedroom 

Measures 8x12

Features Mirrored closest, new off white carpet


17. The Van Gogh Bathroom 

Measures 7x5

Shower and the The Cafe Sink

We've reached the end of the've seen a lot. I hope at the very least you found it colorful and amusing if not interesting. I'm the owner and curator of the MLH, I'll be the only person you'll be dealing with.You can bring your broker, but I'm not offering broker commission. The MLH is not on the MLS. Should this become your next home the Mona Lisa House will reveal it's wonder to you by the light of the first full moon.  

As it was home to all the Best American Music in the 70's today due to the excellence of the Wonderland K-5 School and central location Laurel Canyon has evolved into a truly blessed place to raise a family or as an Artist live in a place with views, and the kind of peace and quiet that will inspire you to get into your creative place naturally. The Mona Lisa is approx 515 years old...She's posed in a canyon that looks like Laurel Canyon of Old. Imagine my surprise when months after daring to adorn the side of my house with the most famous smile in the world, I saw her reflecting off my neighbors window and coming in thru my bathroom window, as a Beatle Fan and Artist I knew The Mona Lisa House would never go out of style.  

I look forward to speaking with you,


Text or Call 323-450-5689

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