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Here we are as you open the front door, fear not...the lions don't bite!

Entry to the Laundry Room 

The might of Michael Angelo's 'Creation' empowers you as you exit the Mona Lisa House

The Mona Lisa House is right on the street, one of the most wonderful things about MLH, is that the house is above the house in front of it, the neighbor in the back is out of sight, the neighbor the to the left is 20' away and the MLH towers over the neighbor to the right! Another neat thing...You won't need a regular Gardner to keep the house looking tidy...a leaf blower can really do wonders...


1 Parking: 1 Single Car Garage / Sheltered Car Port

Measures 18x10  &  16'x8'  

Garage has room for for storage / The Car port is Big Enough for a mid sized car Clouds painted on it's ceiling gently invite you in...

Access to the patio is available on both sides of the Mona Lisa House house.

Enter the Front door, flanked by 2 lions that are friendly unless given cause.

Hang your coat in the guest closet Take 5 Steps up..

There's a small Hardwood Floor by the

Laundry/ Utility Room

Measures 14x5

40 Gallon Hot Water Heater, Forced Air Natural Gas Heat

Washer / Dryer 

The Stairway...and the Zebra in the house

There's no need to fear the mighty beast that resides urges caution while being very inviting

Measures 3.5 Wide

The carpet thru out the common areas of the Mona Lisa House are the same style but changes Color on each floor

Take the Gun Metal Gray carpet / 8 Steps Up to the first landing that brings you to the entrance of the Grand Room and 1st floor Bathroom 


*The beast is a 3 Stories of a Light Blue & Teal Zebra Stripe.

Fun Facts: It took 4 men, 4 days to do, it wraps perfectly around each corner 

and is flawless.   

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