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9. The Master Suit Hallway

Measures 19 x 3.5

The carpet now turns to a Burnt Orange

As you go up steps, the hall way features 5 storage cabinets

the carpet takes you into the Master Bath, The Media Room and is the carpet in the

Master Bedroom


10. Command Central / World Room

Measures 11x11

Features 2 walls of Mexican Tile: Teal and Off White in a herring bone pattern, complemented by a wonderful blue patterned low pile carpet

A Greek themed column creates space and and opens the room up.

A stunning Phoenician Floral Mosaic invites you the many fantastic colors


11. Master Bedroom


The Master Room is highest up and furtherest out on this part of the block. There's no need to pull the curtains down

No One can see in. The views you see from the headboard...are wonderful sunrises and the full moon coming over the hill

Tif quiet at night is what you seek for a good nights sleep...this is a blissful place to be...

The beating of your heart is the only sound now...

12. Master Bath, 

Measures 5x10

Bath / Shower/ Mirrored wall / Travertine floors / counter / wall Trim

View of your hostess with the mostess... She's quite a sight to see at night, especially if you know the Beatle song

She Came In Thru The Bathroom Window

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