One of the many wonderful assets of the MLH is while it's parallel to Lookout Mtn. the house is on a relatively flat street, you can walk all the way down the Cul-De-Sac or walk up the block and stroll the back Crescent Drive. You can enjoy wonderful views and if you're feeling like a doing a little off road hiking, you can take a trail that goes from the lower Crescent Dr to the Upper Crescent Dr. The views and the hike are both a very cool, a great thing to have right in your own back yard. 

Love grows at the Mona Lisa House...take a good look at the view from the piano and kitchen window...See the heart in the trees?

This is the view from the Studio a clear day, you can see forever, not every neighbor on the lower Crescent Drive can say that.

If walking down a country road is your pleasure, this is the road directly behind the Mona Lisa House, just minutes away from your front door, you don't have to walk up a hill to get here, you walk up the block and make a right and there you are 

On your back yard stroll...this is a view that will make you feel brand new...keep in mind, you're 8 minutes from Hollywood Blvd and Highland Ave in Hollywood or Laurel Canyon and Ventura Blvd right in the middle of Studio City.

Did you know that in late 60's all the way to about the mid 90's, all of the best music produced in the U.S came from Musicians living or staying in Laurel Canyon? If you get to the Mona Lisa House via Lookout Mtn, you past this the corner stone of Laurel Canyon's Rich Musical History .This house is still owned by Joni Mitchell, The Ladies Of The Canyon Record, was written during her time here. She's moved out long ago but never sold it. In this house she did some of her best work while she was living with Grahm Nash. One night David Crosby and Steve Stills came by and the rest is history. Grahm Nash wrote 'Our House' about this house and his relationship with Joni. Joni Mitchell was a big influence on my life as an artist...I'm certain my deciding to buy in Laurel Canyon is all her fault!

As you pass Joni's house you come to a Stop sign and a fork in the road...If you bear go right and you're on Wonderland Ave, bear left and you're on Lookout Mtn...any way you go, you're right in front to the Wonderland K-5 School. I know if I had kids, getting them into the school would be a priority!

Somethings never change...back in the 60's & 70's The Laurel Canyon Country Store was a meeting place for a who's who in Music & Art. As you can see the patio hasn't really changed all that much, today Coffee is served daily...the Country Country Store is as The Mona Lisa House is all about what the Canyon was. If you're not here for the Wonderland School, living in Laurel Canyon is an ideal place to live your life as an artist.

***News Flash; Ways has invaded the Canyon! If you're looking at houses on Sunset Plaza dr and or Lookout Mtn. You might want to visit the house you're looking at between 5:00-7:00P.M. Monday thru Friday. Ways sends traffic up Sunset Plaza, around the mountain and down Lookout Mtn. I know I'd freak out if I saw rush hour traffic driving by the Mona Lisa House. The lower Crescent Dr. runs parallel to Lookout Mtn...The MLH doesn't get random traffic, if you don't live here, you aren't driving this street to get anywhere.

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