Hi Guys,

I'm Michael, I'm the owner of the Mona Lisa House after 35 wonderful years here, it's time to give someone else a turn at living my dream...and a fine dream it is.

As far as the Price of the house goes...I can be flexible on the terms, I'm asking $1425000 2 Key houses on the block sold recently for considerably more, the MLH rivals both for different reasons, I'm priced right in the middle of those 2. If you're serious about the house, before you ask for a walk thru, please study the 3d Tour, you'll see more detail in the video than you would if you were actually in the room looking around. If after that, you're still in the deal, Only qualified buyers will be invited for the tour of the house. There are a lot of portable assets in the MLH, at no time will this house be shown without my being your guide. If you are seriously interested, the MLH will be open to you both during the day and night, You can See and Inspect the house and which way with any inspector you want to bring to see the MLH. I'm a 100% Transparent and happy to tell you everything I know about my 35 years in the MLH. The amazing thing about the Sale Process of the MLH..is knowing it All Starts with a Phone Call...

I look forward to speaking with you. You can call or text Me at 323-450-5689

Thanks for being here,


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